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Box Stitching Machine
Automatic Box Stitching Machine
Automatic Box Stitching MachineAutomatic Box Stitching Machine
automatic box stitching machine----This product is a new type of product newly developed by our company. It has the advantages of high speed, quick change of order and good stability

1.The leading edge part:the belt leading edge of the fully automatic binder is used for vacuum adsorption;the electromagnetic clutch is used for starting and stopping control;the gauge is moved left and right fully automatic control,and the paper feeding gap isadjustable.
  2.Folding part:multi-channel pre-pressing and secondary wire pressing are added,the original wire pressing is re-pressed again,so that the carton folds up more beautiful.
  3.Nail box part:the power of nail head is servo motor ,mechanical speed:600nail minutes;3-5minutes to adjust the size,simple and fast ;this machine can single tail nails once completed.
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