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Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine
Corrugated Carton Box Automatic High Speed 5 Color Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine
Corrugated Carton Box Automatic High Speed 5 Color Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine
The whole machine is designed in strict accordance with the CE safety standards of the European Union. It is standardized, versatile and humanized. According to the man-machine integration manufacturing buried thoughts, can scratch directly on the touch screen for setting, correction, execution, replacement, memory and other functions, is a product with ultra-high cost performance.


flexo printer slotter die cutter




Max speed




Max feeding size




Min feeding size




Skip feeding




Print area




Print thickness

7.2mm(include plate mattress)

Max slotting depth




Min slot gap(nomal)



Min slot gap(reverse)



Print accuracy


Cardboard thickness

2.5 - 12mm

Paper feeding parts
  1.The electric control machine clutch, with alarm bell, continue to ring during the movement of the bell, to ensure the safety of operating personnel.
  2.The right and left baffle, push cardboard, rear baffle box position, electric adjustment and CNC adjustment.
  3.The brush with the upper suction dust removal device, can be a large number of cardboard printing surface impurities, improve the quality of printing.
  4.The host USES frequency conversion control, start, run smoothly, can save 30% energy.
  5.Infrared photoelectric counter, preset order processing quantity.
  6.The total online lock function, to avoid misoperation damage to the machine (host start, each unit automatically locked).
  7.The choice of continuous or alternate paper feed.
  8.Pneumatic elastic paper feeding cots, do not destroy corrugated board strength;Down feed roll embossed, hard chrome plated.
  9.The side baffle and grooved part of the joint adjustment, can be completed with or without trimming edge adjustment, saving time and effort, and add pneumatic patting device, cardboard transverse positioning more accurate, avoid waste.
  10.The 10 inch color touch screen, control the paper feeding department, printing department, slotting department, die cutting department a zero, memory reset;Production speed 60, 80, 100, 120 cruise speed.
  11.Four - axis high - speed forward feed system
  Functions of printing department:
  1.All shafts and rollers are made of high quality steel, computer dynamic balance correction, centrifugal force elimination, grinding processing, hard chrome plating.
  2.When printing phase of planetary gear type, touch-screen control, electric digital 360 ° adjusted (downtime, boot can be adjusted).
  3.The plate roll horizontal movement is controlled by a touch screen, electric digital adjustment, adjustment range of a total of 10mm.
  4.Ink monitoring system, ink shortage alarm.
  5.The use of plate hanging device, plate hanging groove, foot switch control positive and negative rotation, loading and unloading plates quickly and easily.
  6.The fixed ink gap, printing pressure roller, paper guide roller gap using fast wrench free adjustment.
  7.Pneumatic brake mechanism is used for printing phase fixation. When the unit is separated, the brake mechanism restricts the rotation of the main engine and keeps the original gear position fixed.
  8.The erasing reset function, the computer memory printing position, erasing the automatic reset.
  9.Rubber roller, steel tube surface coated with wear-resistant rubber, high and medium special grinding, ink transfer effect is good.
  10.Steel anilox roller, steel tube surface grinding, pressing anilox, hard chrome plating, (optional ceramic roller).
  11.Pneumatic plate lifting device, when the main machine stops, the anilox roller automatically detached, automatically uniform ink, prevent ink drying delay.
  Grooving part:
  1.The size, height and phase of all cartons are completed by the computer, man-machine interface, saving time and effort, improve work efficiency, can store 999 commonly used orders.
  2.The use of dual-axis structure, large diameter pressure line wheel, carton pressure line forming effect is better.
  3.The slotted tool base, line pressing wheel, trimming edge knife transverse structure using precision ball screw, high moving precision, so that the upper and lower tool fit positioning more accurately and effectively extend the service life of the tool.
  4.The elastic corner cutter structure, can cut three, five layers of cardboard without adjustment.
  5.Grooving tool adopts high quality alloy steel, after heat treatment and grinding processing, good hardness and toughness, long service life.
  6.According to the needs of optional punching, tapping hand device.
  Functions of die cutting department:
  1.Die - cutting knife phase, computer and digital control.
  2.Die cutting tool horizontal adjustment, computer and electric digital control, control range of a total of 10mm.
  3.The rubber cushion roller cutting and leveling mechanism, the rubber cushion can be repeatedly used, can greatly save the cost of use.
  4.The rubber pad roller mechanical transverse plus or minus 30mm travel device, improve the service life of die cutting rubber pad.
  5.The use of die cutting equalizer to provide line speed compensation, plastic pad repair to ensure that the carton forming size is consistent.
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